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Envision Learning Solutions is a global training company that’s well known in providing hands-on training in Agile Project Management courses and certifications. We help individuals to meet their needs. Our instructors are experts in the industry in providing training, coaching and mentorship that help aspiring and working professionals realize their career aspirations.

Based out of Toronto Canada, we have trained professionals across different part of the world. We have over 95 percent success rates in our graduate landing their dream jobs.

Certified Scrum Master

Would give you the required hands-on and applied knowledge to help teams and organization delivers incremental values to customers.

Certified Agile Coach

Learn from an expert Agile Coach and knows how to support organizations and teams in delivering incremental value-based products to customers.

Certified Kanban Expert

You will learn the required skills to help teams visualize their work, reduce lead time and visualize their work.

Certified Scaled Agile Framework

Will give you the required knowledge to help your Scrum teams, business teams & ex ecutive sponsors to properly understand, adopt & implement distributed agile practices


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